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Thread: A different option for a scope mount for your GSG MP44 .22

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    A different option for a scope mount for your GSG MP44 .22

    saw this on another firearms board, someone had taken a HK91 claw scope mount and if fitted on their GSG MP44 .22. so I got curious and for s^its and giggles I took off a inexpensive UTG low profile rail off my GSG MP5 to see if it would fit on the GSG 44, and it did .

    then I took scope mount that I had and put a RED STAR 4x20 scope on then sighted through, it cleared the rear sight and was able to see the crosshairs through the front sight opening. the front sight post was washed out so it didn't interfer with the scope view

    now, I know that ATI has a scope mount for these, but in order to install it you have to take the ladder sight off to do that. the mount is way too forward for my taste and you are pretty much stuck with using that as your only sight, which if you have bad eyes that might not be a issue for you. but I like my scope to sit where a scope would normally be position, and I have the option if I want to switch to "iron sights" I can easily do that

    just putting this out for anybody that wants a different option to use a different mount
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