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Thread: Leupold Mk4 Elevation Adjustment Query

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    Leupold Mk4 Elevation Adjustment Query

    Anyone out there running a Leupold Mk4 M3 10x40?
    Something that's always struck me as odd about mine is when its mounted on a 0 MOA rail in low/medium rings and zero'd at 100yds the elevation drum is or is very close to being bottomed out, depending on what rifle it's on at the time.
    Is this normal for this particular scope?
    Anyone else seeing this with theirs?

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    late reply.

    have an older vx-6 3-18 44mm. put it on my tikka tac a1 with a zero moa rail.
    could not drop the elevation far enough to zero at hundred yards. went out and bought there mark 4 ims scope mount in 20 moa.
    solved that problem. {think they do that $hit on purpose so you have to buy more of there stuff}

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