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Thread: Ammo Prices and Availability

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    The gun show I went to a couple of weeks ago had a lady selling 1000 count boxes of primers for $300-$400 a box. She was actually selling a few!
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    Yea, when people are buying ammo they do not even have guns for, just to have some ammo or maybe trade latter things are not good. But, even that odd ball stuff is sold out here. I think I mentioned
    I bought 1,000 rds of .45 acp from CMP and 1000 rds of .30 carbine and 1,000 rds of TOK from S&G a couple of months back. I can not find .222, 410, or .22 which I could use some more of each.
    Particularity 410 with armadillos coming out everywhere digging their destructive holes and tearing the ground up. I shot one yesterday with my .222, but really prefer using 410. I could
    probably shoot a dozen easy going out with a 410 and flashlight.

    Anyway my problem is not lack of ammo. I have over 50 calibers in weapons so not surprising I have a couple of types I am a little short in. Of course it depends on what you mean by short
    supply. 150 rds for my .222 is short for me (LOL). In others I have have multiple cans, crates, bricks of the stuff. Good portion of my stuff is not FMJ, but soft and hollow pt of various
    bullet weights.

    Might get to the pt I think about some trading. I am really loaded on 7.62X54r, .308/762X51, 223/556x45, 7.62X39, 30-06 and other similar types.

    Guys I am recovering from all that crap I went thru, but also slowd up some because I am just getting older.
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